Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Our sullen and sour Congresswoman Virginia Foxx will be keynote speaker at a fundraiser for West Wins, a new front org for western Republicans still smarting from their losses in the NC-11, NC-5, and NC-10 districts in 2006. You can read their mission statement here. But their "Action Plan" is even more interesting, since they're obviously "tracking" li'l ole sites like WataugaWatch -- smile! you're on camera! Clearly, it's pretty standard "opposition research" and rumor-mongering that'll be on tap for 2008. It'll get dirty.

Meanwhile, Foxx has a voting record, which ain't rumor but has its own peculiar stench.

Of particular note is the targeting for defeat of Heath Shuler in NC-11, but also the eternal vigilance these cats are prepared to lavish on any viable candidates who might arise to challenge Foxx in the 5th and wet-behind-the-ears Patrick McHenry in the 10th districts.

They're also clearly planning to go aggressively after our new NC House and Senate reps.

But the wind ain't exactly at their backs. Ordinary people are SICK of the bozos who've been in charge of our "national direction" for the last six+ years, so how likely are they to toss out Democrats who've only just begun to work on the mess the GOP has created?

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