Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Charlotte Mayor Pat McCrory said what? Said he wouldn't sign on to an anti-global warming campaign led by the nation's mayors because it doesn't recommend nuclear power as an alternative energy source.

When you hear "alternative energy," do you think NUKE?

McCrory chairs the U.S. Conference of Mayors environmental committee, the very group that drafted the agreement which McCrory now refuses to sign onto. The mayors of Boone, Asheville, Durham, Wilmington, Winston-Salem, Brevard, Canton, Carrboro, Chapel Hill, Clyde, Flat Rock, Gastonia, Highlands, and Salisbury have all endorsed the initiative.

Hmmm. We'll have ring-side seats to watch a McCrory reelection campaign in which he recommends that Charlotte go nuclear as an "alternative" to air pollution.

But the real reason McCrory choked is because he's a giant REPUBLICAN, and the "U.S. Mayors Climate Protection Agreement" actually has the gall to point out that the current administration has done nothing about protecting the environment, including even recognizing that there might be a problem with global warming. Apparently McCrory might have partisan ambitions for higher office and doesn't want to offend the big boys in his party.

Oh, plus he's a giant tool of Duke Energy, which pays his salary.

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