Monday, April 09, 2007


In a federal budget that is miserly for nearly everything that doesn't have a war attached to it, El Presidente has asked Congress to fund an increase of $28 million over current funding of $191 million for an "abstinence only" program of sex education for teenagers.

"Abstinence only" sex education has about as much to do with sex education, or with healthcare, as ham has to do with hamburgers.
"In an Oct. 3 report that surveyed abstinence programs in 10 states, the Government Accountability Office concluded that such programs were not proved to work, and at times contained inaccuracies about condoms and AIDS." (Source linked below)
Condoms? Don't say that word around "abstinence educators," for the money in Mr. Bush's budget request mandates that none of it can be used to promote condom or contraceptive use.

Because, evidently, the shortest distance to sexual health for teenagers is total ignorance. And like that's always worked in the past, right?

So governors of some six states have dropped out of the federal program of promoting abstinence only, or plan to drop out soon, because the Bush administration has its own head so far up its own ass as to be a relatively poor teacher of ANYTHING.

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