Sunday, April 29, 2007


Over 2,500 souls demonstrated in the streets of Yadkinville yesterday, demanding that the Yadkin County Commission ignore the Constitution and pray to Jesus, specifically and explicitly, at official commission meetings.

Because, see, you can't possibly be a good man or woman unless you're seen by men in the act of praying to the right god, like the pharisees.

All but one commissioner voted in February to stop referring to specific deities and religions during prayers at government meetings. The commissioners were trying to avoid a lawsuit that could have been filed if they continued to use sectarian prayer."

Yadkin County Commissioner Joel Cornelius said, "We asked for the advice of our attorney, and he gave us his legal advice on where we stood. I myself made my own personal decision that we needed to adhere to what the law was. I'm a Christian just as much as anybody else is, but I am bound by the oath that I took to uphold the rulings of the court and the Constitution."

For which opinion, Mr. Cornelius is gonna split hell wide open when he lands there.

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