Saturday, April 07, 2007


Pat Robertson's Regent University has a law school. One of the graduates of that law school is Monica Goodling, the 5th-Amendment-hugging and now former top assistant to Attorney General Alberto Gonzales. Monica, bless her heart, gives every appearance of having been in up over her heavy eyebrows in the politically motivated firing of several U.S. attorneys. She refuses to testify for fear of incriminating herself, and now she's resigned her position at the Department of Justice.

According to this article, there are currently 150 graduates of Pat Robertson's law school serving in the administration of The Godliest President in the History of the Universe. They appear to have them hands in a lot of super-Christian activity, from justifying torture of heathen Moslems to failure to prosecute Civil Rights cases unless Bible-reading's involved.

Pat Robertson's theocratic agenda is and has been very clear: to tear down the wall between church and state in America (a "lie of the left," according to Robertson).

But this infiltration of government by lawyers with Pat Robertson on the brain really hasn't got much to do with religion. It's all about power and Republican Party conservative politics. It's about keeping a certain class of white Protestants and their cultural norms in full control.

And incidentally, former Attorney General and penecostal minister John Ashcroft is now a law professor at Regent University.

Boston Globe article today on Regent Univ. School of Law says that the stampede of Regent graduates into high government positions came about this way: 2001, the Bush administration picked the dean of Regent's government school, Kay Coles James , to be the director of the Office of Personnel Management -- essentially the head of human resources for the executive branch.
They went wormy at the top.

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