Monday, February 26, 2007


Congresswoman Virginia Foxx attended the grand opening of the new Wilkes Senior Center in North Wilkesboro yesterday, and in her remarks she chose to hit a highly inappropriate and discordant partisan note by saying that she'd like to spend more time in the 5th District, but that Nancy Pelosi keeps her in Washington five days a week to do two days' worth of work.

In Wilkes County parlance, this is known as laying a turd in the punch bowl.

Tsk, tsk, Madam, such whining, coming from the woman who always claims that it's the Democrats who are partisan, not she.

After she finished her remarks, the Congresswoman busied herself in her seat checking off names on a donor database, too busy evidently to extend even a smidgen of common courtesy to the other speakers, some of whom were actually Democrats (and one of whom, incidentally, now occupies her old NC Senate seat).

But that's nothing. She was shown extensively on local cable Channel 18 lecturing 2nd graders in a Watauga County elementary school about why Nancy Pelosi is an evil witch for flying on a jet plane to California, instead of using her broom.

Apparently, eight-year-olds are deemed a wholly appropriate audience by Watauga County educators for the sort of paint-stripper that Virginia Foxx dishes out.

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