Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Hard on the heels of their Grammy sweep by The Dixie Chicks, the Charlotte Observer hastens today to remind everyone that country music radio stations -- and their listeners, presumably -- aren't ready to make nice, either.

"We don't play them, period," said D.J. Stout, program director of WSOC-FM (103.7). Stout has never looked more butch.

"The audience has clearly said they're not interested in listening to them on radio," said Bruce Logan, regional vice president of programming for Clear Channel Radio of Charlotte.
Nationally, the group has seen little success in getting airtime. In the week ending Feb. 11, their music got only 928 spins on any of the top 200 broadcasters in the nation, ranking them No. 92 among country artists. Among adult contemporary artists, a genre they are also considered to be in, they fared even more poorly, ranking No. 375.
And this is why God made iPods.

ADDENDUM: And this, if you're interested in the topic.

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