Thursday, February 15, 2007


Reviews of the new Fox News satire show had proliferated by this a.m., and the chatter is most entertaining (AND instructive -- for example, we had missed the obvious: the laughter we hear on the leaked YouTube clip is electronically produced).

Bob Cesca: "Step Away from the Jokes, Fox News, Before You Hurt Yourself."

You can check out a mini-roundup of critical howls here.

Not to be missed from the premier show is this clip of Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter playing the Prez and the Vice Prez, presumably after the fall elections in '08 and also presumably after actually reading the scripted lines and deciding that this would be a laff riot.

Limbaugh and Coulter were game, as in the type that get caught in the headlights. The camera is merciless when you're bombing this badly.

Even the right-wing blog site Hog on Ice is appalled:
My GOD, does this show blow .... It is SO not funny. And it should have been hysterical. There are so many brilliant, funny conservatives.
"So many funny conservatives." Like, take Virginia Foxx. Please.

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