Thursday, February 22, 2007


On the face of it, The Guv's appointment of Edward S. Finley, a big-time industry lawyer, to the NC Utilities Commission, suggests that Easley is much more interested in rewarding his donor base than in nurturing the future of renewable energy in this state.

Finley, characterized in his own law firm's press release as a giant tool for fossil energy (see link above), must be confirmed by the state legislature and will be joining the commission at a critical time when the future of wind power, on the one hand, and two proposed new coal-burning power plants in Rutherford County, on the other, must be decided.

A group of 17 NC enviro groups, including Appalachian Voices and Western North Carolina Alliance, has written a letter to The Guv and all the members of the General Assembly about the disturbing message the Finley appointment seems to send about conflicts of interest and industry axe-grinding.

Let's hope a majority of legislators heed that warning.

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