Tuesday, February 06, 2007


You just can't make this stuff up:
"We need to get Christians running [for government offices]. The unsaved will run the country different than a saved person."
--Thomasville, N.C., Councilman Dwight Cornelison
Councilman Cornelison uttered these sentences -- and a great deal more -- to a large group of laymen gathered at Full Grace Baptist Church Saturday morning. The men were in attendance to eat ham biscuits and "to receive information on how their churches can become more involved with government."

Not that we disagree with a syllable of what Cornelison averred. Indeed, George W. Bush, the holiest president in our history, has run the country ... very differently. Why, without him we wouldn't have realized the full blessings of preemptive warfare!

Cornelison is a leader in Thomasville and Davidson County of an outfit calling itself the "U.S. Motto Action Committee." They want to force the Protestant God onto public buildings and Protestant prayer into public meetings.

But Cornelison wasn't even the main course at the sumptuous feast of self-righteousness convened at Full Grace Baptist Church last Saturday morning. That distinction goes to Dr. Ron Baity, president of Return America, who harangued the group for a full hour about the wrongness of a separation between church and state. It's a mirage. It's a lie. It's a damned plot of the liberals.

What would America look like if Dr. Baity could get rid of that cursed "separation of church and state"? It would look like Cotton Mather, multiplied by a factor of 100:
He talked about what he called defining moments and told about a group of preachers in the 1700s who wore all-black, including ministerial robes, and the fear they produced and how they fought for their freedoms.

"They proclaimed two things straight away -- that salvation is in the person of Jesus Christ only and second that we have been handed these freedoms and if we do not fight for these freedoms we will lose these freedoms," Baity said.
Mind you, Dr. Baity was BRAGGING about "the fear" those Puritans produced in those black robes, and then he proceeded to strike a little fear of his own:
Baity also talked about the issue of same-sex marriages. He used many derogatory slang terms for the homosexual community as he proclaimed his disgust and disapproval of the homosexual lifestyle.

"We are no longer on the playground, we are on the battlefield," Baity pronounced as the men rose up out of their seats and shouted in agreement.
Such righteous disgust! Recent revelations might lead us to assume that Dr. Baity is over-compensating for his own secret sexual yearnings, but we're content to take his threats at face value.

Indeed, we are on a battlefield, and we clearly see what we DON'T want running our government.

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