Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Virginia Foxx ... Cheap, At Any Price

The words of Roger Sharpe, Democratic candidate against Virginia Foxx in the NC-5:

"...has there been a time in memory when those who govern in Washington have so strayed from what we have held dearest as a free people? Has there ever been an administration so corrupted ... so greedy ... so deceitful ... so bought and paid for ... so removed from the genuine needs and concerns of our people in the Fifth District of North Carolina? I have here the listing of 28 pages of political action committee money that Mrs. Foxx has received at last reporting. I do not see the people of the Fifth District listed among more than 500 contributions from so-called political action committees, including the ExxonMobil Corporation and the Petroleum Marketers Association. How can she represent our people in Washington when she is bought and paid for by these lobbyists?"

If he can raise the money to get that message out....

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