Tuesday, May 02, 2006

FINAL NUMBERS, WATAUGA (these are raw numbers, naturally):

Garwood 900
Blust 2,695

Shook 2,966
Moody 710

Sharpe 929
Kirkman 200
Holmes 315
Glen 187

Moretz 1,675
McGuinn 300

Younce 3,150
Warren 2,539
Wheeler 1,635
Utter 1,767
Trivette 1,664
Smalling 1,499
Henries 2,583

So ... Blust wins Watauga in the GOP State Senate primary.

Shook beats Moody all to pieces in the GOP Sheriff primary.

Moretz beats McGuinn in the Dems County Commissioner primary, Dist. 1.

Sharpe easily beats the other three Dems in the 5th Congressional race.

Smalling is knocked out of the Board of Education race. Allen Trivette is next lowest vote-getter.

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