Monday, May 29, 2006

ASU Not the Only Bad College Neighbor

We've watched the administration of Appalachian State University do some scummy things -- hel-looo, Appalachian Cultural Museum, in whatever dark storage space thou art! -- including run roughshod over the Town of Boone's zoning regs. But lest we think this is the only bad neighbor among the constituent members of the University of North Carolina system, check out this posting on BlueNC about what's been happening in Chapel Hill, another small town even more swallowed up by academic arrogance than poor little Boone.

And while we're at it, remember that the ASU fantails promised they were actively searching for an alternative location for the Cultural Museum? We haven't forgotten. We suspect that this "search" will begin to appear like another famous "pro-active manhunt" on the West Coast, and pretty soon we'll be comparing Chancellor Ken Peacock to O.J. Simpson. Same modus operandi, if less blood.

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