Friday, May 12, 2006

N.C. GOP Election Year Issues

Republican state Sen. Eddie Goodall (District 35 Union-Mecklenburg) is on NC Conservative, laying out the issues as he sees them for this election year:

"We Republicans have several strong issues to run on in November. One is the Democrats' lack of addressing our state's magnetism to illegal aliens. The governor's office phone even requires one to select a number if he/she wants 'English.' Our nation's language should be the default, not a selection, to make every time a government agency is dialed. Other Democratic Party failures are the avoidance of a Marriage Amendment, misuse of transportation dollars, especially in neglected counties like Union, where we desperately need and deserve an expressway. Majority party leadership has taken medical liability reform off the operating table. A doctor told me the other day that practicing medicine 30 years ago versus today was as different as Marcus Welby and Grey's Anatomy. State spending and our tax burden may be the prime issues in the fall campaigns. Especially so, now that revenue projections cited above show even the most myopic 'tax and spenders' that an opportunity exists to help families all across our state."

By "help families all across our state," Sen. Goodall means, primarily, "cut the highest personal marginal tax rate by one half percent, and eliminate the Inheritance and Gift Tax." Exactly the tax brackets where you'll find sooo many North Carolina families.

And don't fergit to stir up the Queer Fear, fellers! Plus the little brown illegal immigrant fear. O what a lush garden to play in, with all that low-hanging fruit (he-he)!

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