Monday, January 16, 2006

Oh Shut Up

In a recent Time magazine issue, Gov. Bob Taft (R) of Ohio was labeled as one of the worst governors in the country, presiding over widespread corruption and mismanagement.

In its current edition, Time prints a letter from former North Carolina Governor Jim Hunt in which Hunt blasts the magazine for "unfair attacks" on Taft. "While taking potshots at the governor, you failed to mention his many accomplishments in education," writes Hunt.

Rob Christensen in this a.m.'s News & Observer provides a clue for why Hunt defends Taft, who incidentally pleaded no contest in August to criminal charges: Taft came to North Carolina to help lead a three-day conference in Charlotte in November that was sponsored by the James B. Hunt Jr. Institute for Educational Leadership and Policy.

Everything has always been about Jim.

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