Saturday, January 07, 2006


We're sure you've gotten the latest edition of the Virginia Foxx mailer, a colossal waste of tax dollars that nevertheless offers keen insight into a parallel universe where the Madame says the economy is hunky-dory (at least for the already rich) and where she is single-handedly making America safe for white people by planning the deportation of millions of Hispanics. (She also proposes to fine Christmas tree farmers who hire undocumented workers, and she is promoting an unscalable wall along our southern border with Mexico, which she doesn't exactly advertize in her government waste-paper.)

Most hilarity-inducing line from the above: "I value your feedback .... Let me know your opinion. As always, I appreciate your advice and thoughts when considering legislation."

We knew she was a liar, but a comedian too?

So far as her claim of valuing opinions other than her own, check out what Madame Foxx told the Winston-Salem Journal about a petition supporting a time-line for withdrawal from Iraq signed by 500 of her Fifth District constituents. "Five-hundred signatures out of 600,000 in the district? That's nothing."

So instead of "I value your feedback," does "eat shit and die" sound closer to the truth?

Nowhere in the Foxx alternate universe is there any acknowledgement of the swirling cesspoll of special privilege, bought access, and semi-legalized whoredom which is the Republican Congress of the United States and into which Madame Foxx has so seamlessly melded.

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