Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Hall of Shame

Why are Democrats perceived as weak? Because they ARE.

Here are the 19 Democratic Senators who voted with the Republicans yesterday to cut off debate on Alito, thus conceding that "there's nothing we can do" to protect the Constitution from the Bush regime.

They are a disgrace. Profiles in cowardice. "If we're going down, let's at least go down without a fight."

Akaka of Hawaii
Baucus of Montana
Bingaman of New Mexico
Byrd of West Virginia
Cantwell of Washington
Carper of Delaware
Conrad of North Dakota
Dorgan of North Dakota
Inouye of Hawaii
Johnson of South Dakota
Kohl of Wisconsin
Landrieu of Louisiana
Lieberman of Connecticut
Lincoln of Arkansas
Nelson of Nebraska
Nelson of Florida
Pryor of Arkansas
Rockefeller of West Virginia
Salazar of Colorado

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