Monday, November 08, 2004

Taking It to the Streets

Some of us were half-joking before the election that if Kerry lost, there would be people "in the streets." It hardly took 24 hours for that to come true after the results were fully known last Wednesday morning. Thursday at noon a group of ASU students marched through downtown Boone and onto the ASU campus, where there was a bit of an ugly confrontation with students supporting El Presidente. That small eruption of civil unrest may well have been the last dying gasp of a losing campaign ... OR it may have been the first indication of a new dawn of militant opposition to The Littlest Angel and his policies. I tend to believe the latter.

For, witness this bit of street action from Seattle: about 500 protestors marched through downtown Seattle on Saturday, "venting" about Bush and the war and the President's evident need to pay off the Religious Right by tossing them a few homosexuals to bully-rag.

Let El Presidente get a couple of Supreme Court justices under his belt and start seriously threatening the right to abortion and see what happens. Forty-eight percent of the country is prime to explode.

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