Tuesday, November 02, 2004

4:06 p.m. Bill Schneider on CNN divulges that early exit polls say 1 in 7 voters today did not vote in 2000. "That could be significant," Judy Woodruff volunteers, by way of reaction. So she is as dumb as the bloggers say!

4:14 p.m. Jack Welch, former C.E.O. of G.E., tells Neil Cavuto on Fox that if Bush loses, it's because he failed to adequately convey how well the economy is rebounding. That's right: The Bush Presidency -- A Failure to Communicate Adequately! I betcha the Librul Media had something to do with it!

4:16 p.m. Donald Trump to Cavuto on Fox: "Iraq has been a total catastrophe." Also, "I would like to see taxes stay nice and low under Kerry." Uh, Donald ... don't know how to break it to you ... but we're planning on taxing your butt into the ground!

4:25 p.m. This just in: Arkansas Governor Huckaby (R) on MSNBC says that "Senator Kerry is a Massachusetts liberal" -- which evidently explains why Bush's former lead of 9 points last week in Arkansas has completely evaporated. Yeah: "A Massachusetts liberal and probably a great big homo!" Ask not on whom the domino falls. It falls on thee.

4:30 p.m. Boone 3 precinct -- the other student precinct -- is reporting over 1,600 people voting so far today, a truly remarkable turn-out. Republican officials, workers, etc. are MIA at most precincts reporting in today -- no candidates shaking hands, no poll greeters cheering on Bush supporters, no poll observers trying to catch Democrats in flagrante. What's up with that? Over-confidence? Or total melt-down?

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