Tuesday, November 02, 2004

MORE LEAKED EXIT POLLS. Kos is taking numbers from Slate that shows Kerry trailing Bush in N.C. by 2 points, 49 - 51.

Oh man.

And Kos says the following is from CNN:

Ohio -- African American precincts are performing at 106% what we expected, based on historical numbers. Hispanic precincts are at 144% what we expected. Precincts that went for Gore are turning out 8% higher than those that went Bush in 2000. Democratic base precincts are performing 15% higher than GOP base precincts.

Florida -- Dem base precincts are performing 14% better than Bush base precincts. In precincts that went for Gore, they are doing 6% better than those that went for Bush. African American precincts at 109%, Hispanic precincts at 106%.

Pennsylvania -- African American precincts at 102% of expectations, Hispanics at 136% of expectations. The Gore precincts are doing 4 percent better than Bush precincts.

Michigan -- Democratic base precincts are 8% better than GOP base states. Gore precincts are 5% better than Bush.

Kos is saying that if this trend holds nationally, we're looking at making major gains in both the Senate and the House.

Man oh man.

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