Monday, November 22, 2004

Kinder & Gentler?

Cass Ballenger, like some other out-going office-holders we can think of, can't keep his mouth shut. He told the Raleigh News & Observer: "I hate to say it. There's no excuse to be homeless."

Gosh. We can think of two or three pretty good excuses. But then we're not in the grip of a philosophical outlook which blames the victim, and, we would suppose, by that same logic, finds your ordinary, garden-variety rich man a living testimonial to goodness. If personal badness accounts for poverty and homelessness, then the filthy rich, logically, must be the purest among us.

That is precisely the assumption El Presidente appears to be acting on in his continued agenda of relieving the tax burden on the rich. Such good people shouldn't be called on to give up a dime to the nasty poor, who have no excuse whatsoever for their nastiness.

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