Friday, November 19, 2004

JOSH MARSHALL OVER AT TALKING POINTS MEMO is all over the House Republican Caucus for voting to exempt their Majority Leader from the rule of law. Marshall suggested yesterday that readers call Republican House members and politely ask how that member voted on exempting DeLay from the rule that would force him to step down from the leadership position if indicted on criminal activity. HILARIOUS, the results of those calls!

Marshall has dubbed the "handful" who voted "nay" in the voice vote "the Christopher Shays Handful," after the Connecticut Rep. who went public immediately and said he took a stand against DeLay's minions.

Amazing how the "Chris Shays Handful" has grown! Also amazing, the number of upstanding Christian Republicans who refuse to tell their constituents how they voted and the number who lie: "There was no vote" or "I was out of the room when the vote was taken" or "I temporarily lost consciousness and don't know how I voted."

We ourselves called Richard Burr's office yesterday and inquired how the Congressman had voted. We were told that since the Congressman is leaving the House for the Senate he did not bother to attend the House Caucus. We wonder 'bout that. Anyone out there have an evidence to the contrary?

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