Tuesday, May 04, 2004

The Foxx Signs

And we had thought Virginia Foxx was outraged by all these political signs in the 5th District Congressional race going up all over creation waaaaay too early.

She complained about it last winter in print. Tabor and Robinson, especially, two of her competitors in that race, had their signs up back last Halloween (wasn't it?).

County Commissioner David Blust carried water for Virginia, inducing the Watauga County Commission to pass a new ordinance limiting political signs to 60 days out from an election. Only the Commissioners choked in the clinch and decided not to enforce the new ordinance until January of 2005.

Now, our math is notoriously shaky (the legacy of having a fine string of high school coaches as math teachers), but I DO believe that Virginia's primary election is more than 60 days away, on July 20th, yet I've now clapped my eyes on her large double exes in this county.

The County Commission talked about sending letters to politicians who "violate the spirit" of the new ordinance, so I'm sure that Mr. Blust will soon be penning his Dear Virginia letter ... "Your signs are in violation of the new ordinance!" Don't hold your breath. Hypocrisy is only hypocrisy when it's practiced by people we DON'T like.

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