Sunday, May 30, 2004

Democrats' Changes in the House Improving

Stuart Rothenberg, a nonpartisan analyst of Congressional races, is acknowledging that the picture has brightened for Democrats' taking U.S. House seats this year, though he's not quite ready to say they have a shot at taking CONTROL (they'd need to win 12 seats to throw the Hastert/DeLay bunch out). (Read the New York Times story here.)

But what are we to make of other polling which seems to show that the American public is generically more disposed this year to vote for Democrats than for Republicans?

And aren't the 30 open seats this time (including the one here in the 5th N.C. district) something of an advantage for Dems?

Also the Dems seem poised to win another special congressional election in North Dakota next Tuesday, a MOST Republican state under normal circumstances. (The Dems already won a special election in Kentucky back during the winter, in a district previously held by a Republican.)

It just may be that people are getting a little weary of Republican rule, Republican smugness, Republican arrogance, Republican moral superiority coupled with Republican moral culpability. And just maybe, if donkeys actually do start flying, even Virginia Foxx will have a race on her hands this fall, that is, after she beats Ed Broyhill in the inevitable primary run-off for the Republican nomination.

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