Sunday, May 30, 2004

Democrat Prospects Improving in N.C.?

Any more of this rosy outlook for Democrats stuff, and our teeth are going to start rotting on their stalks ... but Rob Christensen with the Raleigh News & Observer is out today with a piece saying that Democratic prospects haven't looked better in this state since 1976, and he hits the obvious high points ... that the Democrats DIDN'T nominate Howard Dean (and don't get us started on THAT!), that Mike Easley is polling wa-a-a-ay ahead of any of the Republican challengers for the governorship, that Erskine Bowles is polling well ahead of Dick Burr for the Senate seat, and that the Republicans seem much more absorbed right now with purging their dangerous moderates than with attacking the Democrats, and that the Republican candidates for governor, senate, and, yes, 5th District Congressperson will have expended their psyches and their bank accounts ripping into one another during the primary.

We don't necessarily believe any of it, but it's nice to read anyway.

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