Sunday, May 09, 2004

Flushing a "Feminist"

Republican candidate Vernon Robinson, who's running for the 5th District Congressional seat being vacated by Richard Burr, along with approximately 311 others INCLUDING Queen of the May Virginia Foxx, is evidently raising most of his big campaign bucks out of state, and now we've seen how.

Get a load of this stuff from Colorado Congressman Tom Tancredo, which went out as a "Dear Fellow Conservative" e-mail to (we presume) thousands if not millions of the like-minded (thanks to Stumpy for sharing this). Following Tancredo's pitch for Robinson (he's a black Jesse Helms, fer chrissakes!), there's a very lengthy letter from Robinson himself who takes pains to characterize the two perceived front-runners in the race, Virginia Foxx and Ed Broyhill. Here's his graph on Foxx:

"One of them, a state senator, is a self-avowed 'feminist' who got her introduction into politics by lobbying in support of Teddy Kennedy's radical, so-called, 'Equal Rights Amendment.' As a state legislator she has voted for higher taxes and fees in excess of a hundred times. She also voted for special rights for homosexuals, but later claimed it was a mistaken vote because she had never actually bothered to read the bill she voted for (isn't that just as bad?)."

On Ed Broyhill: "The other millionaire who could beat me may be even worse than her [Foxx], and he's actually the stronger of the two in the polls right now. What frightens me about him is that he has already publicly spoken out against my firm position in favor of immigration reform, using all of that 'immigrants are people too' rhetoric that tries to lay a guilt trip on any American who supports any limits at all on immigration to this country. It makes you wonder how many illegal aliens he has employed over the years working for his various companies, and whether the prospect of cheap labor is at the heart of all of his immigrant worship. Listening to this man you get the feeling he wants to put up a Statue of Liberty every fifty feet on our Mexican border. I wish we'd put up a fence instead."

The Robinson rhetoric on immigrants is what got Tancredo to send him a thousand dollars and begin campaigning for him. The extensive network of Christian Right moneybags is also funding him. It's just a shame he isn't more effective, even though he's demonstrated an admirable Republican willingness to do & say ANYTHING about his opponents. He induced a couple of people to call for an investigation into Virginia's commingling of campaign funds between her state senate and U.S. House campaigns. He put out a fake letter calling attention to another of his rivals, Nathan Tabor, and his arrest record (not to mention his young trophy wife). He installed a granite monument to the Ten Commandments on the city hall grounds in Winston-Salem on a national holiday, only to see it promptly removed by the city the very next day. He just can't seem to get any traction. And it's a shame. A crying shame.

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