Monday, May 21, 2007

Potential Outbreak of Democracy Worries N.C. GOP

Since the "election" of 2000, when the man with the most votes didn't win and the Supreme Court appointed our current leader, there's been increased public pressure to do away with the Electoral College. There's currently a bill in the N.C. Senate to do essentially that very thing, by joining the state to a national "compact" to insure that our state's electors actually vote for the winner of the national popular vote.

The Republican reaction is instructive. On the North Carolina Republican Roundtable, they're calling this the American Idol solution, i.e., the "popular uninformed vote." Which is to say, apparently, that informed, smart, well read, and prescient voters would only and always vote for the Republican. The great unwashed will vote for a Taylor Hicks every time.

The horror of the thought! That the person who actually receives the most votes would get the office! The Hicks taking over!

Which political party is it, again, that's "elitist" in its thinking?

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