Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Load the Gun & Then Aim Low

Stephen Gheen says that we have progressive Democrats of North Carolina to thank for the near miss of a vote in the NC House on a constitutional amendment outlawing gay marriage. How come? Go read, and you'll see.

Progressive Democrats insisted on reforming NC House rules, thusly:
"The House should adopt rules such that any bill may be brought forth for a vote in a committee upon a majority vote of that committee, and any bill having passed a committee vote, may be brought forth to the floor upon a majority vote of the House."
Basic democratic process, right? Right. And we still believe in it.

Trouble is, of course, that the majority of Democrats in the Rules Committee that passed the gay-bashing amendment to the full House wouldn't stand up to the bigots. Shame on them. Their cowardice, however, doesn't disprove the rightness of democratic processes. It only proves that fear can make practically anyone give up his/her principles. If not fear, what was it? A sense of moral entitlement?

Here are the Democrats responsible:
Bill Owens, Elizabeth City
Rich Glazier, Fayetteville
Dewey L. Hill, Whiteville
Paul Luebke, Durham (Paul Luebke!)
Deborah Ross, Raleigh (!)
Larry Bell, Clinton
Dan Blue, Raleigh (!)
Nelson Cole, Reidsville
James Crawford, Oxford
Jim Harrill III, Elkin (!)
Hugh Holliman, Oxford
Verla Insko, Chapel Hill (!)
Maggie Jeffus, Greensboro
Jimmy Love, Sanford
Marian McLawhorn, Grifton
Henry M. Micheaux, Durham
Jennifer Weiss, Raleigh
Douglas Yongue, Laurinburg

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