Sunday, May 13, 2007

Congressman McHenry, Under New Scrutiny

Michael Aaron Lay, 26, indicted for voter fraud in North Carolina.

Lay was 2004 "field coordinator" for wet-behind-the-ears and wannabe right-wing attack dog Congressman Patrick McHenry (pictured left) of our neighbor district, the NC-10. Lay listed McHenry's home address as his home address and voted in both primaries in 2004, when McHenry eked out very narrow wins.

Raw Story has the rest of the gossip, about all the other young single men who listed McHenry's Cherryville address on their voter registration forms.

McHenry is saying that the indictment of Lay is politically motivated. The engineer of the indictment is Gaston County District Attorney Locke Bell, who is a registered Republican but of a faction perhaps at odds with McHenry.

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