Sunday, April 23, 2023

The More, NOT the Merrier


Photo Robert Willett,
News and Observer

The pompous blowhard Mark Robinson, our Lieutenant Governor whose startling political rise may end up knowing some bounds in 2024, did it yesterday -- officially announced his candidacy for Roy Cooper's job. In keeping with Robinson's brand, it was a raucous spectacle at the short-track Ace Speedway outside Altamahaw, with thousands of screaming fans thirsty for the blood-red meat Robinson always dishes. But yesterday, Robinson was more careful, in keeping with his new attempt to remake himself as a thoughtful public servant. He emphasized his own up-from-poverty life story and praised his mama.

Which Republican big-wigs are buying in on the Robinson brand? Some important ones: "A large group of Republican state legislators, including Senate leader Phil Berger, took to the stage soon after the event began, to express their support for Robinson, and convey the importance of electing a strong conservative to governor" (Avi Bajpai).

Phil Berger wants this guy? Who, if elected, will truly be the worst loose cannon of Berger's career. Good luck with that, Mr. Berger.

Mark Walker

Timed to coincide with Robinson's announcement also came word that former Congressman Mark Walker will get into the race for governor soon: "Tim Murtaugh, whose firm National Public Affairs includes Bill Stepien, former President Donald Trump’s 2020 campaign manager, told FOX8 that the firm is advising Walker and that he is expected to enter the race for the Republican nomination for governor 'in the coming weeks.' ”

Forlornly buttoned-down state Treasurer Dale Folwell is already in the governor's race, so with Walker also getting in, Robinson's chances of surviving the primary just went up.

Get ready, North Carolina.

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