Tuesday, April 25, 2023

A Good Man


And by any measurement that I value, a good president.

Potentially running against this:


Wolf's Head said...

While I totally disagree with JW about Biden, I must admit he has been the incredibly effective in implementing his agenda against the American people, and the world.

Anonymous said...

In what way?

Red Hornet said...

These two elderly men belong in assisted living.
They are senile beyond their years.
Neither of them can conceive of humanity's plight, nor do they have any empathy for human suffering. Biden is a longtime sociopath and Trump is psychotic. A heavy drug regimen would be in order in both cases. They should be isolated in every way.
(I oppose the death penalty, or I could suggest more.) I recall the remedy for Rudolf Hess (Spandau) and for Napoleon (St. Helena) before that.