Saturday, April 08, 2023

Sobering Up the Drunk-with-Power


Showing up in their thousands outside the state house in Nashville, young people are taking a necessary first step -- the stirring of the pulse. The second will be registering to vote and getting their butts to the polls for the next time. Not just in Tennessee (of all unlikely places!) but in Wisconsin, where I'm persuaded the young people voted down that man for their Supreme Court, Daniel Kelly, who was first appointed to the Court by Gov. Scott Walker. Kelly had a record as an anti-abortion rights judicial activist, and young people turned out like never before to say no to him.


Now that House Speaker Tim Moore has former Democrat Tricia Cotham in his pocket, you can certainly expect more persecution of abortion rights in North Carolina -- maybe not the total ban that some of that Republican caucus want, but certainly new hobble-skirts for women, especially young women.


Whether or not a rolling tide of young voters breaks on North Carolina's sandy shore, it'll all depend on how relentlessly and smartly the Democrats raise the rights of women as not just a campaign theme but as the blazing torch of a movement to light the nighttime (i.e.,extreme Republican rule).


Yes, many a Republican local government is either already drunk with power, or they're hitting that bottle hard and regularly. And what happens when state legislators get shit-faced on their own ability to order people around?


*State of Missouri passed a law that allows for deadly force by “occupants” of “private property"— conditions written so loosely that occupants could refer to a diner or a baseball game attendee or someone watching a movie, while invasion could mean anybody they feel intruding on whatever property they happen to be on.


*Oklahoma has banned individual cities from even considering raising the minimum wage on their own.


*Texas is justifiably famous for SB 8, signed into law by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott last year. It not only bans abortion after six weeks of pregnancy but also deputizes citizens to enforce it, allowing any person to bring a civil lawsuit against an entity who “aid or abets” in an abortion procedure for damages of at least $10,000. 


*Idaho lawmakers, copying Texas, pushed a bill that not only bans abortion after six weeks of pregnancy but uses a similar bounty-style component that would allow family members of rapists to sue medical providers who perform an abortion on the rapist’s victim. 


More examples abound, especially in states with a Republican super-majority (like in North Carolina, now), and every day we witness the bravado of bullies -- "Just how cruel can we get? Just how much can we make lives unbearable?"


If young people registered and voted, this excrement would be greatly curtailed. It can happen in North Carolina.




Red Hornet said...

Tricia Cotham may not fit in Tim Moore's pocket but she's in his pants.
I've frequently laughed at Charlotte's mass transit ambitions, so I do think this supermajority negates any local salestaxing authority to generate matching funds for federal grants. Eagle eye Trish has shot the wheels right off the gravy train. Hope them praying hands can hold her car on that busy road between here and Raleigh. "Tim, take the wheel!"

Wolf's Head said...

Rep. Cotham's defection to the Republican party is a better example of 'Sobering up the Drunk-with-Power.'

No more veto proof legislature for King Cooper.

Red Hornet said...

Hound Dog licks himself more and more, then denies he licks.
He crawls up behind the woodpile and we hear slurp, slurp, slurp.
I ain't no licker he growls, never touch the stuff.
"Don't be so nasty," Miss Trish says, "It reflects on me."

Wolf's Head said...

Once again, Red Hornet proves my point that lefties cannot engage in reasoned, fact-based dialog, but must resort to personal attacks.

Thanks for proving me right, R.H.!

Anonymous said...

I have two children who are Type 1 (or juvenile) diabetics. They are insulin dependent as other Type 1s are. Without insulin they will die.

(And I know there are lefties out there who are wishing that on them right now because of who I am)....Once again, Red Hornet proves my point that lefties cannot engage in reasoned, fact-based dialog, but must resort to personal attacks.
You never listen to yourself......but then, no one else does either.

Wolf's Head said...

That wasn't a personal attack, just a statement of fact, along with the threats to rape and murder my preschool age granddaughter by leftist extremists.

Cothan found that out when she didn't bend the knee to the leftist psychopaths.

If no one listens to me, why are you concerned about what I post?

And, thanks for reading!