Wednesday, April 05, 2023

The Cotham Carte Blanche


Photo Mary Ellen Jones

Without even waiting for her formal announcement scheduled for a press conference this afternoon, Tricia Cotham reseated herself on the Republican side of the NC House chamber yesterday, surrounded by her new best friends.

Both the chair of the Mecklenburg Democratic Party and Anderson Clayton, chair of the state Democratic Party, called on Cotham to resign immediately. So did EqualityNC: "Tricia Cotham sought ENC's endorsement in 2022 affirming that she held values consistent with our own. Since then, she has betrayed those values, voting against equality by supporting legislation that targets the rights of marginalized communities." The NC League of Conservation Voters said in a statement that Cotham's party switch was "an act of betrayal." CarolinaForward tweeted: "No matter how your morning is going, just remember that you -- unlike @triciacotham -- didn't wake up the most hated and distrusted person in #ncpol." EQV Analytics tweeted: "Big payday, I guess. In just 5 months NC-112's @triciacotham went from opposing 'attacks on our democracy,' 'inequitable funding of public schools,' 'Republican attacks on our health care' & 'Republican attacks on LGBTQ+ youth' to being a Dan Bishop goper. Wow."

I just visited Cotham's website. It still represents her as a liberal Democrat, in favor of all the stuff that the Republicans are busily doing away with -- now all the faster with her help.

Gov. Roy Cooper, whose veto of legislation eliminating the pistol permit requirement Cotham helped override last week by being absent, issued a statement late yesterday: “This is a disappointing decision. Rep. Cotham’s votes on women’s reproductive freedom, election laws, LGBTQ rights and strong public schools will determine the direction of the state we love. It’s hard to believe she would abandon these long held principles and she should still vote the way she has always said she would vote when these issues arise, regardless of party affiliation.”

Cotham has said -- in explaining why she missed last week's veto override vote -- that she suffers from long COVID, a condition that is said to be "neurological" in its human effects. I'm looking for an explanation for what looks more than slightly wiggy about her behavior.

There's been speculation that her heavily Democratic House district -- she took it last November with almost 60% of the vote -- will turn against her wholesale for the future. Also speculation that House Speaker Tim Moore has promised her a newly gerrymandered district to protect her, once the Supreme Court issues its gerrymandering carte blanche decision any day now.

We live in very strange times. With strange people.


Anonymous said...

There's a hot rumor here in Raleigh that Cotham and House Speaker Tim Moore have been making "the beast with two backs" for awhile now. Which could be a credible explanation for her motive ... desires of the flesh.

Anonymous said...

I’m sure it smells over there…

Anonymous said...

An image that induces that gag reflex.

Anonymous said...

That explains why she didn't just become an independent.

Anonymous said...

It’s really unfortunate that there isn’t a recall mechanism for NC House Representatives.

Wolf's Head said...

I democrat lying to and betraying her voters, who'd a thunk?

And, I'm surprised there is no outrage from women about the previous post, a woman betrays all because of some d*ck? Sounds very misogynistic.

Wolf's Head said...

"The turning point for Cotham, she explained, was when she was criticized for using the American flag and praying hands emoji on social media and on her vehicles."

"Democrats have been "blasting me on Twitter to calling me names, coming after my family, coming after my children," continued Cotham. "That is wrong." She added that a woman cursed her out at a store while she was shopping with her son."

Well, well. The totally intolerant leftist DROVE away one or their ownby bein hateful crazies.

Guess it wasn't d*ck after all.

Wolf's Head said...

I apologize for the above post, it's full of horrible grammatic errors.

Should have read 'Well, well. The totally intolerant left has DRIVEN away one of their own by being hateful crazies.

I will note that she may be a republican, but that doesn't mean she will be in lockstep with everything they do.

Wolf's Head said...