Tuesday, April 04, 2023

BREAKING: Rep. Tricia Cotham, Giving the Republicans Their Veto-Proof Majority in the NCHouse


Lucille Sherman is reporting for Axios:

NC Democratic lawmaker Rep. Tricia Cotham is expected to switch her party affiliation to Republican, handing NC Republicans a legislative supermajority and the votes to override D Gov. Roy Cooper mid-legislative session.

Cotham just won her seat (Dist. 112) last November. Would she have won, running as the Republican she's about to become?



Wolf's Head said...


O Suzannah said...

Maybe now you can drop the pretence of claiming you hate Republicans and Democrats equally, since you're clearly always rooting for a worse Republican super-majority.

Wolf's Head said...

Enemy of my enemy...

Lesser of two evils.

I don't hate them equally, but generally the repubs don't create new outrages every day.

They just go along and NEVER do anything to get rid of them.

Cowards, traitors, idiots, fools and morons, that's today's Republicans.

Wolf's Head said...


Red Hornet said...

Ashley Babbitt had a similar change of heart.
She gave in to her darkest urges.

Wolf's Head said...

Ashley Babbitt was unarmed when she was shot.

Your post sounds like a threat.

Anonymous said...

Of course she was just minding her business, participating in a a tourist visit in the capital with like minded friends.

In your world, being shot while unarmed is not an issue.
Sounds like a snowflake.

Anonymous said...

Happens every day in democrat run cities across the country, Detroit, Chicago, Baltimore, Washington DC.

Of course, most of the unarmed victims are black, so dems turn a blind eye.

Anonymous said...

Unarmed black victims being shot by cops is a problem. We agree on that.

Wolf's Head said...

So, its ok for cops to shoot unarmed white victims?

When you support the shooting of unarmed people because they are your political opponents, you're just another homicidal fascist.