Wednesday, April 06, 2016

A Sign of the Times in Marion, NC?

"Holy cow!" (as someone tweeted minutes ago in response to the following news item:
The Marion City Council voted unanimously Tuesday to adopt a resolution calling for the repeal of HB 2. Even though the resolution has not been drafted, city council members unanimously voted to support the repeal of House Bill 2, which critics say discriminates against the LGBT community and limits local government control. Councilman Don Ramsey said the legislation should be repealed and he brought this matter before City Council. "It's discriminatory," he said. "It's an economic disaster to our state. We didn't elect state legislators to micromanage local governments." He added there was no transparency or public hearings. Mayor Steve Little said he is not able to vote on matters unless there is a tie. But he added he would've voted in favor of the resolution.
And as someone else pointed out, the Marion City Council in 2012 overwhelmingly supported Amendment One.

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