Thursday, February 25, 2016

Tail Between Legs, Tillis Back in Step With Rest of Obstructionist Republicans

After initially saying it would be wrong to "fall into the trap" of saying "NO Effing Way!" to anyone President Obama might nominate to Scalia's SCOTUS seat, Sen. Thom Tillis has been schooled.

He's repented. He's flip-flopped. He's signed his name in (barely visible) blood (as a member of the Judiciary Committee) to a letter to Senate Majority Turtle Mitch McConnell:
"As we mourn the tragic loss of Justice Antonin Scalia and celebrate his life's work, the American people are presented with an exceedingly rare opportunity to decide, in a very real and concrete way, the direction the court will take over the next generation. We believe The People should have this opportunity."
What he meant was that he had experienced, in less than a week, a political threshing -- "I've been reaped!" -- which, aside from shaking his grain, had rendered him without reproductive organs. (Turns out, those balls weren't actually gone boys but merely shrunk up into his scrotum so microscopically that Donald Trump could not have found them in a week in order to kick them up into Tillis's windpipe if he should ever dare to offer an unsanctioned opinion again.)

Yessir! We have constitutional scholars representing us in Congress, not to mention brave, independent men.


Anonymous said...

Another reminder of why North Carolina should have a state level law on recalling officials.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Anon 7:35 is unaware that Tillis is a US SENATOR.