Wednesday, February 10, 2016

ASU Gets an Early Voting Site While Aceto & Owens Get Egg on Their Faces

Bill Aceto
Jesse Wood at High CountryPress has a good partial blow-by-blow of this afternoon's teleconference of the state Board of Elections, which did not go well for either Bill Aceto or Nancy Owen, the two Republican members of the Watauga County Board of Elections, whose sole reason for existing and holding public office is to prevent ASU students from voting on campus.

Aceto and Owen did not reckon on new member of the state BOE, Republican James Baker. They apparently didn't reckon that Mr. Baker, a retired superior court judge, would actually read the decision handed down in the fall of 2014 by another superior court judge, Donald Stephens of Wake County, declaring that the actions taken by the Republican majority on the Watauga BOE had violated the constitutional rights of college students.

Baker therefore asked Owen (because Aceto was not on the call yet), "What has changed since 2014" to make your Early Voting plan constitutional?

Nancy Owen
Owen had no answer. Neither did Aceto, when he finally got on the call. Growing increasingly frustrated that the state BOE was no longer in the tank for the partisan corruption of Watauga County elections, Aceto finally blurted out that he just didn't agree with Judge Stephens' ruling.

Not a good career move for Aceto. You don't tell a retired superior court judge that you didn't do the constitutional thing because you just didn't agree with another judge's ruling.

Meanwhile, Watauga BOE member Nancy Owen got a strong lesson in the downside of being a stooge for manipulative and corrupt people.

The misrepresentation of Early Voting records that Aceto had presented as truth to the state BOE -- which we reported on here yesterday -- was quickly recanted by Aceto during the teleconference this afternoon. He had no choice but to acknowledge his "error."


Anonymous said...

App gets another voting site and Watauga County gets another asphalt plant. Oh well!

Susan Miller said...

No, not " oh well." That fight is not yet over.

Oh Suzannah said...

You didn't even mention that Aceto (1) tried to throw Jane Anne Hodges under the bus, alleging that she had thrown away complaints about the ASU Student Union, and (2) claimed he knew for a fact that the Student Union would be closed during the Early Voting period.

Liar, on both counts.

Anonymous said...

Go ask to see the complaints that Aceto claims are not there. Simple fix. Publish them then everyone will know!