Tuesday, January 26, 2016

General Assembly Took Away Our Ability To Vote for a New Supreme Court Justice

Justice Edmunds
You do know that last year the General Assembly rigged our Supreme Court elections. No longer will you have a choice between candidates. You may only vote to retain Republican Justice Bob Edmunds, or not retain him, and if you vote not, then Governor Squishy gets to appoint a replacement.

Sabre Faires has filed a lawsuit challenging this new innovation -- called a "retention election" -- as violating our Constitution. Yesterday her lawyers filed a motion for a summary judgment in the case.

Seems like a strong argument in our opinion. Our state constitution calls for elections of Supreme Court judges, not referenda on whether we want to retain them or not. The General Assembly essentially changed the constitution without bothering to tell the rest of us.


Anonymous said...

The centralized government implemented by the NCGOP is completely at odds with Republican "small government" ideology. Truly a huge tragedy for NC that the party in power is acting like the Soviet Politburo, and not responsible Republicans. #Pravda!

Brother Doc said...

Ideology, yes, but either way it's an anti-democratic ideology. Many issues in our state constitution require a vote in Raleigh. Many others do not. Strict Construction is supposedly a Rep. commitment, but clearly they neither know nor care about the state constitution. Their ideological loyalty is first and foremost to the unhindered control by a wealthy (white) crony corporate elite, covered in a mantle of religiosity.