Sunday, December 15, 2013

Two Local Governments, One Local Attorney

When Watauga County wants to negotiate with the Town of Beech Mountain (over, say, drawing water out of the Watauga River), does the attorney for the County of Watauga call up the attorney for Beech Mountain, and would that conversation go something like this?
4 Eggers: Hello, is this Four Eggers?
4 Eggers: Yes, this is Four. How may I help you?
Because, O my brethren, Stacy C. Eggers IV represents both governments, which presents something of a conundrum, as Beech Mountain moves forward on taking water from the Watauga River.

On November 19, when the resolution written by ... we would guess Four Eggers ... on behalf of Beech Mountain, asking the Watauga County Commission to rubberstamp a new open-ended water acquisition scheme, Watauga Commission Chair Nathan Miller was ready to vote immediately. County Attorney Four Eggers was sitting several chairs to Mr. Miller's left, and he didn't seem to think there was any reason not to.

But Commissioner Kennedy insisted on a public hearing, and that's about to happen Tuesday evening at 6 p.m. in the Commissioners Boardroom.

In the meantime, a curious fact has come to light: the Town of Beech Mountain has suddenly, and radically, changed their "Demand v/s Supply" figures filed with the NC Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR). As of Nov. 27, 2013, those papers showed the Beech Mountain water supply at 2.0 million gallons per day from 2012 through 2060. Those same papers showed that Beech Mountain was using an estimated 18% of its 2.0 million supply in 2012 and, projected out for the next 47 years, estimated it would be using 42% of that supply by 2060.

Those figures from DENR became more widely public on December 4, after public comment at the last Commissioner's meeting highlighted them, but then, lo and behold, the "Demand v/s Supply" figures on the DENR website suddenly changed for Beech Mountain. According to the new figures, Beech Mountain has suddenly and unaccountably lost 1.1 million gallons of water supply. And now, "for the first time in the history of any recorded Beech Mountain water supply plan," the demand as percent of supply increased more than 300 percent.

What does Four Eggers know about these suddenly changed water supply vs water demand numbers, and when did he know it?


Deborah Greene said...

This guy just keeps himself covered up in conflicts of interest. Like flies on stink.

Anonymous said...

How is this legal? Is there no governing body in NC that looks into obvious conflict of interest issues?

Gloria said...

Good blog.
"Pants on fire" revelations on Beech Mtn Water Grab. Watauga Commish Tues 5:30 PM hearing will be very interesting.

Anonymous said...

And did Mr. Eggers advise Beech Mountain that after the punitive sales tax grab from Boone by Watauga County, it had to kick back part of its newly acquired wealth? Did he tell Beech that such a contract was legal and enforceable? And was it that diversion of needed revenue from Boone to Beech that has made this water project possible in the first place? Did Mr. Eggers encourage Nathan Miller to send out a personal letter to property owners endorsing the Beech Mountain water project?

Camelot said...

Maybe if Luke is available he can play Beech Mtns attorney. He does so well reading what is prepared for him by his brother he would be a great stand in.