Sunday, December 22, 2013

Rep. John Blust Goes All Gentler, Kinder

Rep. John Blust, elected to the NC General Assembly from the Greensboro Dist. 62 (and brother of Watauga County Commissioner David Blust), gave an interview to reporter Joe Killian of the News&Record that is potentially going to get him stigmatized as fatally weak-kneed when it comes to political jihad.

Blust said repeatedly in the interview that he didn't want to criticize Republicans in the General Assembly, and he made it clear that the legislative activity of the new Republican majority was A-Okay with him, but he couldn't help suggesting that the manner of operation throughout 2013 was ... wait for it ... just as bad as when the Democrats did it.

The mythology of the victimized ... that what we went through in the minority was akin to the martyrdom of the saints. Which naturally justifies turn-about slaughter of the pagans. John Blust admits that he didn't have the stomach for it, that he blanched at what he saw Thom Tillis and Phil Berger and the other Republican honchos doing throughout 2013 to ramrod and bully and squelch dissent.

John Blust says if reelected to the NC House, he'll be seeking a leadership role. But he may have just rendered himself ineligible.


Deborah Greene said...

At least there are some Republicans willing to stand up against the bullying actions. However, as Four Eggers warned me: "You know your actions, come with consequences." He told me this the day I was kicked out of the Republican Party executive. meeting. Shortly, after I was kicked out of the Republican Women's Club. While I admire John for speaking out,there will be consequences. The Republican Party doesn't tolerate speaking out against fellow Republicans. They constantly quote Ronald Reagan' Eleventh Amendment (actually coined by Gaylord Parkinson of the California Republican Party: "Thou shalt not speak ill against any fellow Republican." Reagan didn't follow this commandment all of the time. This commandment has been used by some Republicans as a license to run roughshod without a worry of being reprimanded by fellow Republicans. However, there are some who know what the purpose of the commandment was; and, it ion, wasn't to protect lack of transparency, cronyism,corruption,dysfunction or bullying.

Anonymous said...

I've known John since the mid '80s. He was just a blooming ass back then.

Anonymous said...

takes one to know one