Friday, December 13, 2013

Thom Tillis, Master of the Sound Bite

“I think for the most part, what I see from the folks who are opposing our agenda is whining coming from losers. They lost, they don’t like it, and they are going to try to do everything they can to, I think, cast doubt on things that I think are wise and that the average citizen, when they know what we’re doing, I think, like it.”
Thom Tillis, in an interview with Manu Raju in
Okay, Speaker of the NC House Thom Tillis is contemptuous of "losers." We get that. We also get that he's talking about Democrats primarily (and Gawd knows that in this state, Democrats have been notorious losers in the recent past), but he pushed his contempt just a bit further to sweep up all "the folks who are opposing our agenda." That adds a slightly different pungency to this particular pile of mammal feces, as Kevin Siers in the Charlotte Observer aptly captured yesterday.

The Speaker's choice of the word whining also gives us some pause, especially as cartoonist Siers places Mr. Tillis on the shoulders of our state's Olympic Whiner-in-Chief, Governor Pat McCrory, who has a reputation going back decades for whining incessantly to everyone within earshot that he's misunderstood, under-appreciated, and certainly valued less than his own ego tells him he should be valued.

The Mouths of the South.

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