Friday, December 20, 2013

At the State Board of Elections Today

The SBOE just decided that they will not hold a hearing on the petition to remove Eggers & Aceto from the Watauga County Board of Elections, but they're sending members Paul J. Foley and Joshua D. Malcolm to Boone to hold an "intervention."

Punch and cookies?

State BOE Chair Josh Howard commented this morning that he thought the voters of Watauga County would be better served if the local BOE were made up of the first three names out of the phonebook.


Whathisname said...

Say what? So we're better served by the first 3 names in the phonebook but there's no reason to hold a hearing to remove the 2 Republican knuckleheads on the Watauga BOE? It's this kind of muddled thinking that makes the heads spin off the shoulders of rational humankind. Sigh. The next election cycle can't come soon enough.

Unknown said...

If ever a case could be made - NOT.

On the one hand, said Chair Howard: Watauga would do better by having the first three people listed in the phone book to serve on this board.

On the other hand - no cause for removal of the ones we have.

So, while a random person would surely do better by Wataugans, the State Board is totally confident the two we're stuck with can be rehabilitated - with an intervention.

Yes - an intervention. And we should all know that this would represent "unprecedented" action on the part of the State Board.

So, on the one hand they are confident that more scolding, delivered face-to-face, will solve the problem in Watauga. On the other hand, the scolding they got on September 3rd - by this Board - worked out so well - NOT. Neither of these two heeded any of the admonition they got. They rejected everything they were told to do then.

Inspires so much confidence that this time will be different. Inspires so much confidence in the wonders of rehabilitation via intervention. If ever a case could be made.

Anonymous said...

Cookies courtesy of the governor, of course…

Anonymous said...

It will be interesting to see what this intervention consists of. They said that nothing was being done illegally. Where do they go from there and why are they involved if nothing is illegal?