Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Is This What REALLY Made Limbaugh's Penis Shrink?

I'm not about to cast any doubt on scientific studies coming out of Duke University, and if I were going to cast doubt on the work of a noted Duke neuroscientist, it certainly wouldn't be this particular study. The findings here were not the catalyst for Rush Limbaugh's emotional whining on the radio last week about his shrinking penis, for which condition he proclaimed "femi-Nazis" to be the proximate cause.

But this Duke study found that the election of Barack Obama had a decided testosterone-lowering impact on Republican men.


On election night in 2008, a Duke University neuroscientist took saliva samples from both men and women both before the declaration of Obama as the winner and at 20-minute intervals afterward. Participants in the study also filled out a questionnaire about political beliefs and about whom they had voted for in the election.

Dum dum dum!

"The results were clear-cut. Men who had voted for McCain -- or the libertarian candidate Robert Barr -- experienced a 28 per cent loss of testosterone almost as soon as the contest was over."

Oh my good Lord! Are Republican men tender wilting flowers, or what?

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