Thursday, September 13, 2012


Patsy Keever makes this list of "under-the-radar candidates" to watch. She's running against Patty McHenry (R-Oompa-Loompaville) in the redrawn NC-10.


amjp said...

Women who know Patsy Keever really like her, both as an educator and a representative in the Even though none of the counties present would be in her Congressional district, she came to our regional Dem. Women meeting earlier this year to introduce herself. She impressed me greatly. Please support her by contributing to her campaign through her
Incidentally, Joe Pitts represents the district where I used to live in Chester County PA. I left before he ran, but it would be great if he could be defeated. Come on, all you Amish and horse folk, vote him out of office!

brotherdoc said...

I agree--in Blowing Rock you know there's a little slice of Caldwell Co. which might be in Dist. 10. I got on ActBlue and gave her a few $. We don't need Little Patty McHenry in DC any longer sucking on the public...payroll.

Anonymous said...

Folks-If you like this women, send her some money!! Poor thing has $28,120.47 cash left at end of latest reporting period. Patty has $297,063.12 in his piggy bank. She may win the majority of votes in Asheville city limits but doe not have a chance out in the countyside. After November 6, she may get a job being paid by raising money for the next Democrat to run against Patty in 2014.

Anonymous said...

It is not going to happen. She is too radical for the 10th District.She has poor attendance at all of her events. She does not like common folks.