Sunday, June 27, 2010

What Kind of a Christian Is Dan Soucek?

The garbage-hauling kind, evidently.

The intercepted e-mail below is going out from the NC Senate Republican Caucus to benefit Mr. Soucek, and it might conservatively be called a rotten smear of a good man. Mr. Soucek ought to disavow it, but he won't.
Dear Supporter,

I am writing to ask you to support Dan Soucek our candidate in Senate District 45.

Recent polling shows Dan tied with incumbent Democrat Senator, Steve Goss. Senator Goss is one of the top Republican targets in 2010.

Steve Goss is a perfect example of what's wrong with the Democrats in the State Senate. He runs around his district telling the voters that he is a conservative -- virtually a Jesse Helms -- but when he gets to Raleigh you'd have a hard time seeing a difference between Goss and Nancy Pelosi.

Goss has voted for over $1 billion in new taxes. During his campaigns he plays up his background as an ordained minister but in Raleigh he's refused to sponsor a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage in North Carolina even after promising to do so. And after getting caught billing his campaign $19,000 for mileage -- enough to drive around the world at the equator -- over four months he had the gall to sponsor an "Ethics Reform" bill.

Every dollar Dan raises will go towards funding advertising and get out the vote efforts to achieve victory in November.

We are asking you, one of our most loyal online supporters, to make a generous contribution to Dan's campaign before the June 30th campaign reporting deadline.

Dan's campaign needs to sell another 103 tickets to his June 29th fundraising raffle. Here are a few ways you can help:

Dan is hosting a reception and raffle on June 29th in Blowing Rock, NC. Tickets are $100 and the grand prize is a trip for two with Templeton Tours valued at $8,000! You don't have to be present to win.

If you'd like to contribute by check, please make checks payable to Soucek for NC Senate and mail them to PO BOX 2573, Boone, NC 27607.

Thank you for your continued support of Republican efforts to win a State Senate Majority; we cannot win a Republican Majority without your help.

Heather Dickson
Finance Director, NC Republican Senate Caucus

PS: Please help Dan reach his fundraising goal by donating any amount you can afford.

Let's see: Pelosi and gay marriage. That's the sum total of issues that this bunch is willing to pin on the heroic Mr. Soucek's puffed-out chest.

Fer Gawd's sake, can't these people deal with anything that remotely touches the economic realities of the working people of the 45th Senatorial District?

And by the way: we're still waiting to learn what business it is that "businessman" Dan Soucek practices. Other than smear tactics.


Anonymous said...

Great job, Jerry! I was sickened when I read this stupid and arrogant letter this morning. Your comment about mileage gets right to the point - Steve Goss spends LOTS of time on the road meeting with the people in his district. How is an ad better? I admire Steve more than any other elected official. What a bunch of phony, hypocritical faux Christians!

Anonymous said...

Soucek already sounds like "Sleaze." Anyone who has ever met Steve Goss will be outraged by this letter. Is "gay marriage" going to be Soucek's platform? How original. I'm sure he would be a valuable asset to the State Senate.(Yeah, right!!)

Anonymous said...

Anyone who has ever met Dan Soucek knows that he doesn't participate in smear campaigns.