Wednesday, June 09, 2010

The Obama Effect

Someone handed me an advertisement clipped from one of our Watauga County newspapers (not sure which one), picturing T-shirts promoting the "Watauga County Militia" on the front, with stylized mtns and the slogan "FAITH, FAMILY, FREEDOM," with this quotation attributed to Thomas Jefferson on the back: "Resistance to Tyrants is Obedience to God."

Available at Adam's Hardware in Vilas.

In black only (natch).


Watauga County Anarchist said...

Where can I get one?

Mike D. said...

Chris Christie for President in 2016. Social liberal, fiscal conservative, honest politician, and an amazingly logical, direct, public speaker who genuinely cares.

Enough Pelosi botox facelift fake smiles and stupid stories about kids she doesn't give a rat's ass about. Enough Obama speaking out of both sides of his mouth to give him a way out of his own words. Enough Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity and Ann Coulter bulls#!% aggressive advocacy for the Republican party line of the week. Enough cowardice. Enough shameless self promotion.

We need honesty. We need someone who is not afraid to commit himself to a position, make it happen, and stand behind it.

We are going to need Chris Christie and he will win more than 60% of the popular vote. I hope it happens.

If you are not yet familiar with him, check him out here

Wolf's Head said...


"Resistance to Tyrants is Obedience to God."

And so what is the problem here?

Militias are Constitutional, both of the slogans are what founded this country.

Is it too American for you JW?

Liberal POV said...


Sometimes the over zealous religious extremist folks can be the cruelest on earth.

See this link for an example of just that.

Anonymous said...

The local Taliban? Only the Watauga group prays to the RIGHT god.

Anonymous said...

Love the T-shirt that said " Invade Russia! Let Sara Lead!"

345th Alaska Milita Wataugh County Republican Tea Party Chapter

Or this one!

" Eat less Tacos! Let Congresswomen Virgina Foxx fart on them!"

69 th Transgender Republican Tea Party Milita

Anonymous said...

Wolf, the mere mention of these shirts seem to have caused a lot of our liberal friends to wet their panties in distress. To bad. It seems they dislike the first amendment as much as the second.

Mike D. said...


Would that you could have seen the disdain for the First Amendment that I have been the victim of. It's easy to talk about it, but when one of them calls you a fascist and claims that you are disrespecting their Constitutional rights when all you did was completely peacefully question one slogan they had scrawled on a sign, then you attempt to peacefully bring your own sign to dissent against them, and they respond by screaming at you and violently ripping your sign apart, at that moment you realize that rights, and the Constitution that contains them, mean absolutely nothing to some of them.

By the way, Mr. Professor, nice smokescreen in a previous thread, but I'm still waiting for your apology for violating my civil rights. As soon as I get it, I'll accept it, forgive you, and never bring it up to anyone, ever again.

Anyway, Anonymous, do not be fooled by the self-given names of revolutionaries. "Peace activist" sounds active, yet peaceful, but many of them are perfectly comfortable threatening and using violence to assure the dominance of their leftist ideology.

Wolf's Head said...

Mike D, maybe we should call ourselves "Freedom Activists".

This would be a counter to "peace activist", and tell both what we are for, and that we aren't going to sit here and take their crap anymore.

Liberal POV said...

Mike and wolf

You both are suckers for straw men "THEM FOLKS "gona take your freedom but most often " Them Folks " are on some natural resource a corporate interest wants. Them Folks can have real tyrant as leaders and some time the CIA helps those tyrant take power to have the villian we want for corporate pay offs or a case for war.
How was the little country of Vietnam going to take our freedom? How was the tiny island nation of Granada going to take our freedom?

How was Panama a threat to American freedom? How long had Norieaga been on CIA payroll?

How was Iraq a threat to American Freedom?

This goes all the way back to the native Americans on land someone else wanted.

The Native Americans our enemy at the time was fighting for their freedom.

You'll see the world better if your patroitic flag dosen't block your vision.

BikerBard said...

Look at Wolf's HUHA suck up to Mike D. Almost makes him seem reasonable.

Mike D. is sometimes nutty, but he's our, loveable nut!

Mike D. said...

Thanks BikerBard,

I know we don't always agree on the issues, but I really appreciate that you guys accept my participation in your forum.

I thoroughly enjoy being part of the conversation on WataugaWatch. :)

Anonymous said...

The Bard apparently can't handle it when multiple people agree in their opposition to his views. Pitiful.

Anonymous said...

Take time this summer and go see "Horn in the West". Maybe it will remind some people what these people (militia as they were referred to)fought for. JW, your freedom too, by the way. I would love to get my hands on one of these shirts. In seeing Horn in the West for many years, I recall one of the lines that actually mentioned the quote "Resistance to Tyrants is Obedience to God." I agree with a previous comment, is this to American for you people?

Wolf's Head said...

LPOV you are the "Straw Man" provocateur par excellence! YOU CONSTANTLY bring up "straw man" arguments over non sense crap and irrelevant tripe to leave red herring trails instead of presenting facts and reason.

Just like now.

But, what else are lefty sycophants for?

brushfire said...

Mike, About Chris Christie, check out this letter.

Mike D. said...


The letter was cute. Unfortunately, a person like the author of the letter just can't help dropping the truth behind the political attack that is their letter. The author, in his or her closing lines, just like Helen Thomas did, let's the truth sneak out.

He or she writes "You will have won your war against the middle and lower class." Enough said! I get it!

By the way, did you watch some of Christie's speeches, listen to what the man has to say, or did you spend most of your research time looking for bad things said about him?

Mike D. said...

Holy crap, sorry. I can't stand superfluous apostrophes, but I actually dropped one on you all.

That should have been "lets", not "let's"!


brushfire said...

Mike - I didn't do any research yet. Just remembered this letter from another context. I'll check it out today.
By the way - what evidence would it take to convince you that the class war is real?

Mike D. said...


As long as there are a handful of people engaged in class struggle within our society, then of course class warfare is real. You need provide no evidence for me to agree with you. I look around and see it myself.

But that does not have any bearing on my statement. The fact that the author of the letter closed with that statement indicates to me that he or she was not honestly pleading the case that teachers have it rough, but rather grabbing the opportunity to launch a political attack.

If you are genuinely asking a person in power for a reprieve from what you consider an undue hardship, you don't do it with insult and fist in the air, 'workers of the world unite' battle cries. Those are the tactics of someone who does not want results, but rather wants the class warfare you describe.

Here is Chris Christie, directly addressing your question.

Mike D. said...

Liberal POV,

Whom would you designate to "take [our] freedom"?

Anonymous said...

Mike, the teacher who wrote the letter was making a point, not really asking the governor for help. The point he was making is that teachers are being scapegoated. Why does a party in power create scapegoats? To divert attention from the real problems, no?

Mike D. said...


Did you click on my link and watch Christie describe it himself?

My mother-in-law lives in New Jersey, in a modest 3 bedroom house, and pays over $900.00 per month in property taxes. That is not taxes, it's RENT!

Now, you may not believe that $900.00+ per month constitutes excessive taxation, but fortunately Chris Christie does, which is one reason why he will become President.

So, like I asked, did you follow my link to something that challenges you to think for yourself, or just Brushfire's link to the words that confirm your belief system?

Liberal POV said...

Mike D

"Whom would you designate to "take [our] freedom"?

Mike as usual you rearange words to give yourself something to debate.

My statement was recent wars had nothing to do with protecting Americans Citizens freedom.

Iraq, Vietnam, Gernada, or Panama could not have had the power to take freedom from Americans.

Corporate interest is what these wars were fought over not freedom.

The only power strong enough to take the freedom away from Americans is Multi National Corporations. Giving corporate interest the power of unlimited political donations is a major move in that direction.

Look back at our worst economic and enviromental desasters and you will see all the players were big political donors to both parties.

Enron, Saving and Loan, Massy Coal, BP, Wall Street Banks, Insurance, Lack of Health Care for Americans, Jack Abronoff

Been There, Done That said...

Christie is riding on the wave of anti-teacher. Easy to do- voters are angry at NJ taxes. He doesn't want to offer real solutions- just fire teachers. Jersey can afford tax REBATES? Political foolishness. A $250 check does nothing for me, but all totalled could repair fiscal damage. The problem is that EACH town has its own school, high school, principals, Superintendants and Asst. Superintendant, all pulling down way too much money. I taught in a 2 square mile district. 2 square miles. The Superintendant there is making OVER $250 THOUSAND DOLLARS, clothing allowance, gas allowance,cell phone, food allowance.and many more perks. Top heavy administration is the problem, not teachers. I understand that teacher's frustration. I did that for over three decades. I could have written that letter myself. And I DID win the Governor's Award for Outstanding Teacher!
These schools need to merge, towns need to share services, and a governor needs to be a leader.

This one is clearly not. He will be gone at the end of his first term.

Mike D. said...


A New Jersey recipient of the coveted Governor's Award for Outstanding Teacher is trolling North Carolina small town mountain websites to attack the Governor of New Jersey??? OMG, you are awesome! I <3 you!!!

I thought only Rand-bots did such things for threads on Objectivism (uh-oh, I just said the 'O' word... let the Rand-bots join the convo!).

Seriously? New Jersey union thugs are blog trolls as well? Wow, I guess Governor Christie was right about you guys, and the lengths you will go to, to preserve your precious little oppressive oligarchy by attacking him in other markets.

What a pathetic, worthless weakling you are. Come meet some of my good ole boy friends from Tennessee. They'll take you huntin'!!! =)

Congratulations, you are the douche-rocket du jour!

By the way, your writing sucks! I hope you were not an English teacher, Mr. Redundant.


Anonymous said...

Mike - Are all union members thugs by definition?

Mike D. said...



Here is a great article on the subject.

Been There, Done That said...

You jumped to a bad assumption. Maybe, not a troll.

Unknown said...

I am wondering if anyone knows... is there is a Watauga County Militia? I am curious and looking. Maybe they meet? I'm sure I would be a black sheep among them, but I am thinking it's my first step in my duty to preserving the republic. I know of no other immediate step otherwise.