Thursday, June 03, 2010

Sorry To See Him Go

Republican voters of the NC-8 congressional district, meet Toast. Toast, say goodbye to the Republican voters of the NC-8.

The 2nd primary on June 22nd ... merely a foregone conclusion.

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Mike D. said...

Since no one is using this thread anyway, please allow me to take this opportunity to thank Helen Thomas for providing us all with this moment of perfect clarity.

How many times over the past few years have you guys defended the racist bigot Craig Dudley as I showed you how his carefully chosen words were nothing more than a smokescreen to cover the truth that he would be thrilled to see another genocide of the Jews, this time by the hands of Hamas, rather than the NAZIs?

Before Hitler started exterminating Jews, did he not suggest that they should all leave Germany and go back to Israel, where they belong? Now this Helen Thomas lady, WataugaWatch's #1 gal in the White House press pool, accidentally lets the cat out of the bag?

As many threads as there are in this column which condemn national figures for saying hateful, intolerant things, if there is not one leftist in this column leaping to condemn this genocidal racist, Helen Thomas, and anyone who holds her views, that will tell me a lot about the unspoken hatred, the 'wink, wink' acceptance and agreement with Craig Dudley's and Helen Thomas' insane bigotry that exists in our society.

You all have plenty to say about intolerant, hateful speech when condemning it may provide some small partisan advantage in a local race. But nothing to say when it doesn't benefit your political party and it is done on a much larger scale to a much wider audience?

Bridle? BikerBard? Will you let the #1 liberal journalist in the White House press pool get away with such horrendous words? Do petty, party politics really trump the rhetoric of genocide? I can't and I don't believe that, at least not from the two of you.

Genocide doesn't just happen. You don't go from zero to genocide in one step. The rhetoric of hatred must build, and it must be permitted, tolerated, even embraced, at each progressive stage, before the actual genocide occurs.

If any of you find yourself secretly agreeing with this horrible woman, or with Craig Dudley, I suggest you go take a look, a real long, hard look in the mirror, and try to figure out where you went wrong.