Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Foxx: "Send a Giant Sponge on Big Ships to the BP Spill"

Congresswoman Virginia Foxx's fake tele-town hall last night was really pretty BORE-ring (how much ass-kissing can you listen to before it begins to sound, well, forced?) but was nevertheless revealing in its own way.

1. Don't blame Virginia Foxx for anything, bitch! You could almost hear it in her voice, the "Whew! Thank Gawd the Republicans are totally out of power and can lay everything off on the Democrats!"

2. She has her wedge issue lined up: illegal immigrants. Look for a lot of scapegoating of Mexicans (and one can't help wondering how Foxx's housekeeper feels about that, let alone all those guys that helped build her nursery and landscaping business over the years).

3. She promises that all the Obama legislation can be repealed and that the Republicans have MUCH better plans for reforming health care (though not necessarily Wall Street, which after all is made up of RICH PEOPLE, who are Foxx's true constituency).

The only really interesting moment came when Ron Fitzwater, top dog at the Ashe County Mountain Times, got through to ask what Congressional Republicans were proposing should be done about the BP oil disaster. I believe that Foxx actually commenced sputtering. In essence, her response was that Congressional Republicans weren't proposing anything because, you know, Republicans have no power because damn Democrats run everything, and if there were any solution, perhaps it would manifest itself to Madam Foxx before her word diarrhea ran its course, but (and suddenly, there it was, the perfect solution) ... WHY DIDN'T OBAMA SEND A BUNCH OF BIG SHIPS DOWN THERE RIGHT AWAY AND SOP UP ALL THAT OIL???

She really said that.

The esteemed Republican representative from the 5th District of North Carolina has passed over into the land of Looney Tunes, where giant sponges can soak up entire bodies of water or where a floppy-eared mutt can simply drop a big boulder on a spewing oil pipe.

In the actual reality-based universe, scientific estimates (those NOT offered by the flacks at British Petroleum) range from 1.68 million gallons per day (the low-ball possibility) upwards to 4.2 million gallons per day.

So, sure, Madam Foxx, Obama's GOT to have "big ships" and suitably huge sopper-uppers to take care of that little problem down there in the Gulf. Yup, it's all Obama's fault. The Republicans and their program of laissez-faire economics and no regulation have absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with any of this.

We got it.

We 'specially got YOU, Madam, who wouldn't even vote to help out the victims of Katrina (and likely wouldn't vote for enormous sponges, either). You keep smoking that crack pipe.

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Anonymous said...

Gee, Viginia--why not just contact some aliens from Mars to bring their spaceships down and guzzle it all up.