Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Dog Bites Congresswoman

NC-5 Congresswoman Virginia A. Foxx was forced to leave the Blue Ridge Electric Membership Corporation in West Jefferson last Saturday because her dog bit her.

As of Tuesday, the dog was still in seclusion and refusing to talk to the press.


willy wonka said...

I wonder if the Madam would sell that wonderful dog? Of course it would have to be tested to see if it picked up Rabies when it bit her. I guess the dog, living in Watauga County, picked up on the overwhelming popular sentiment.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the dog could endorse Kennedy like the other "critters". With the oil spill and the shitty economy is that the best you guys can do?

The critters are the only votes that liberal democrat will get. My prediction is 60-40.

BikerBard said...

Who created the shitty economy? Hmmmm? Come on now. You can say his name. It rhymes with tush.

Anonymous said...

Who created the shitty economy?

Politicians promoting big government from both parties. Thank God for the Tea Parties that will get rid of them.