Saturday, April 05, 2008

Three-Bit Congressman Sneers at "Two-Bit" Enlisted Soldier

We don't know the provenance of the devastating video of NC-10 Congressman Patty McHenry's insulting reference to a U.S. Army enlisted man in Iraq as "a two-bit security guard," but it shows every earmark of a macaca moment, very much in the process of going viral. (It was on ThinkProgress yesterday, and I've been forwarded several postings of it from other national sites.)

We first saw it on PatGoByeBye last Tuesday, posted by Drama Queen, but she may have gotten it from the Sigmon for Congress site. Sigmon is Little Patty's Republican primary rival. It's clear that the video, taken during a Lincoln County Republican Party dinner, was recorded by a Republican insider and shared with candidate Sigmon, another indication that McHenry's party support in the Tenth Dist. is spongy, at best.

Watching it the first (and the second time) we couldn't help reflecting on the evident self-importance of the congressman ... to feel so big that he can off-handedly, and in front of the home folks, insult a soldier doing his job in Iraq. The arrogance of "who was this soldier to challenge me -- ME! -- for the proper credentials?!" -- why, it puts one in mind of former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, who went all medieval on a Capitol guard because he didn't recognize her. That event helped McKinney lose her congressional seat.

The video of McHenry, because his personality and his values are so manifestly on display, may have the "legs" to march into Republican computers all over his district ... especially if the local press feels any obligation whatsoever to let regular people see this pompous little ass for what he is.

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